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Shop Drawings

Do you need Shop Drawings for your Structural Steel Project?

We at SAAVFLOW understand the benefits of outsourcing  support activities. It is a smart business strategy if you want to dedicate your specialized resources to the most important activities of your business.

Structural Steel companies know that a solid structural design and a high quality installation mean success to their business. A key activity is to effectively communicate those designs to the fabrication shop.

Your fabrication shop needs a set of drawings that are accurate, contain all the information needed and yet, are easy to understand. You want to be able to hand your fabricators a single drawing for every unique component that needs to be done. This will usually mean investing several hours from your Engineering team and tying up expensive software license in simple drafting tasks.


SAAVFLOW Manufacturing & Design has a highly trained and experienced team and the appropriate tools to help you create high quality shop drawings.

Movie Theater Stairs

Movie Theater Stairs

We collaborated with our client in the development of the mounting structure for this custom entrance stairs. We created 3D models, verified dimensions, clearances.

We also created detailed shop drawings for components fabrication and installation drawings for the project

Pavilion Framing

Pavilion Framing

We work with the input of Architectural and Structural drawings from our Clients and start creating highly detailed 3D models that are used to verify every dimension.

We collaborate with our Clients throughout the process of design corrections and revisions; and in the end we provide a set of accurate drawings that are easy to read for the fabrication shop team.

For this project we produced a complete set of fabrication drawings using pre-engineered standards from the purlin Manufacturer

Canopies Model

Canopies Model

We use the most advanced technological tools to produce accurate CAD files for unconventional structures. We are then capable of generating precise fabrication drawings and steel estimates.

For this project, we worked off the structural drawings of our customer to adapt a special canopy design to different versions of the structure

Stairs and Handrails

Special Stairs and Handrails

We will always make sure that our shop drawings are simple, clear, easy to read and easy to manage in the shop floor. We will also work with our clients to make 'as-built' adjustments to our drawings.

In this project, we were handed architectural drawings and a style guideline for the handrails and balusters; we adjusted the concept design based on the 'as-built' measurements and completed 3D models and shop drawings for fabrication and instalation.

We also create the DXF files required for laser cutting (or plasma cutting) machines

Basement Parking

Basement Parking Shop Drawings

This was a larger project where our client requested the steel detailing and a full set of fabrication drawings for the  structural steel of a basement parking  of a four story  apartment building.

Architectural and structural  drawings were provided and we created 3D models of the entire building structure as well as a set of fabrication drawings of the entire structure containing over 250 different structural elements 

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