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Product design

Have your Product designed with the highest standards

Our team of expert designers combines the use of some of the most advanced design tools with years of experience in the highly demanding environments of the Aerospace and Automotive industries.

If you are looking to outsource the product development efforts of your Company either in a temporary or long term basis; or you simply need help bringing your original idea to life, SAAVFLOW is just the right solution for you.

Advanced Surfacing

We'll pay the highest attention to every single detail of your project.


If your product design requires the use of advanced surfacing techniques for a highly aesthetic design or even aerodynamic performance; we will do it right without affecting the function or feasibility to manufacture it.

Complex Assemblies

Are there complex assemblies involved?


No matter how difficult your mechanism may seem, we will find  the best solution. We have the capacity and tools needed to design complicated mechanisms down to every bolt.

We will assemble all the components, check the assembly for any interference, make sure that  clearance specifications are met, simulate the motion of every element, verify material tolerances, estimate product weight, locate center of gravity, check accessibility for maintenance...

Once we complete and validate your design, you'll rest assured that every aspect of your product has been considered.

Optimize design

We will engineer your product with a high focus in performance, efficiency, and feasibility of manufacturing.


However simple your product is, we will always strive to optimize it's design; reinforcing weak points to eliminate risks of failure, reducing material to minimize cost and weight.

Our Product design team will go a step further. Using our advanced Design for Manufacturing (DFM) approach and techniques, we will design your components with your manufacturing process and tooling costs in mind; aiming to reduce processing time, tooling size and complexity, raw material quantities, etc.

Advanced Materials

We have comprehensive experience designing components in a wide variety of materials and manufacturing processes.


From standard materials like moldable plastics and rubbers, machinable metals, sheetmetal, fabrics and foams to Advanced Composite materials  like fiberglass, honeycomb core and panels, casting compounds, phenolic prepreg sheets and  carbon fiber.

Product development

Let  us be part of your Product Development Process with the creation of technical drawings, fabrication blueprints, detailed BOMs, clear assembly diagrams and instructions.

We will also assist you with design revisions and improvements, mechanical calculations, feasibility analysis, stress analysis, tooling design, prototype preparation and adjustments, tooling design, production estimates...

Our Quality Planing approach to Design tasks will integrate into your Product Development process to ensure an end result of the best possible quality.

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