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Our Mission

SAAVFLOW Manufacturing & Design Corporation is a family business dedicated to providing CAD Design, Engineering and Project planning services  to companies with the need to outsource their Design and Development efforts. We are also committed to offering an affordable option for individuals  and small businesses with drafting, design or Engineering needs and without the appropriate tools and resources to achieve them.

It is integral part of our mission to responsibly use the available technologies  to optimize the Development process and also to actively participate in the conception and development of new products and technologies that highly impact the Industry and Society


Our Values

  • Honesty. Achieved by maintaining an effective and proactive communication with our Clients, setting out realistic project goals and objectively assessing the status of our projects

  • Professionalism. Always aiming to reach the highest technical and business standards with an ever respectful and ethical attitude towards our Clients, Partners and Team members.

  • Creativity. Through the use of the best problem solving techniques, and always seeking to improve ourselves

  • Punctuality. With a devoted respect for time, always honoring our commitments and milestones.

  • ​Service. Aiming always to exceed our Clients’ expectations, as well as our own.



Our Feedback

"Absolutely fantastic company and a true gem... The exact support and work we needed delivered with a true care for the business and product"

   - Alex P., Freedom One Life (via Elance)

"High quality, responsive, pleasant and very professional"

   - Amit M., A M Engineering & Consulting (via Elance)

"High quality, very responsive, very professional, excellent support...and the list goes on and on...  A pleasure to work with...!"

   - Octavio M.  (via Upwork)

​"Extremely professional and creative mechanical designer with excellent communication skills. Came up with an efficient and innovative solution to our problem and delivered a high quality design ready for 3D printing for a fair price and on time. I highly recommend SAAVFLOW... to anyone."

   - Gilad F., Vocalzoom  (via Upwork)

More feedback

More Feedback

"An amazing experience to work with. Consistently showed a high level of understanding and enthusiasm for the project. Finished all components and updates very quickly and has a very good response time to all queries. Have a genuine interest in the success of each project they work on. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, and will most certainly be back with future projects."

   - Matt P., Pawleski Products  (via Elance)

​"... completed this job exactly as asked and designed so that my 3D printing costs are under budget, great work!"

   - Ian Z.  (via Upwork)

​"Highly recommended! the quality of the work done is superb! always on time, he always adhere to the cost, adhere to the schedule...there are a million reasons to hire them!..."

   - Octavio M.,  (via Upwork)


Our Clients

We have provided our CAD Design services to customers around the world

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